Together, let’s build the future of our industries.

OPEO supports industrial businesses and their ecosystems in becoming market leaders by increasing the agility of their organisations, the excellence of their operations and through digital hybridisation. 

Through the transformations we help our clients achieve, we promote a competitive, sustainable, human and resilient industry.

The OPEO project: committing to industrial renewal.

Industrial leaders, teachers, institutions, investors, young graduates, operators, tech startups, technicians, territories: let’s combine our talents to meet any challenge and help Europe to reestablish its industrial leadership.


focus : industry


industrial transformations supported


split between large groups and SMEs/midcaps


OPEO, 50 partners, 35 startupers

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In our minds, OPEO is the only firm to speak three languages: that of operators, that of local managers and that of board members


OPEO has introduced a much better culture of analysis than we had before. They have been able to integrate perfectly into our teams because they fit in with the realities of the field


Operational excellence with OPEO: a profound culture shift for both operators and managers


Committed to our ecosystem.

Our teams are committed to a more human and innovative industry.