Startup Studio

In 2018, OPEO co-founded the first startup studio dedicated to industry with OSS Venture Builders.

Our startup studio attracts the best entrepreneurs, identifies major industrial problems and uses technology to solve them by creating tailored digital solutions.

Why is OPEO committed to OSS Venture Builders?

The digital revolution is already here and is not slowing down.

Digital—along with ecology—has become the new standard. Code sharing, the knowledge economy, open source, smart sensors, big data, blockchain–the technology is already there. What remains to be found, you might ask? How to match these innovations with organisations that are reinventing themselves. The future of industry awaits us!

First the byte, now the atom. Make way for physics.

And yet the world of physical manufacturing lags a little behind. Where are the Microsofts, Oracles, Googles and Airbnbs of physical manufacturing? How can digital technology boost local production, using urban areas as a source? Let’s find out by building them!

Organisation, the new frontier.

Today, B2B startups specialising in industry are focussing on hardware (drones, IoT, etc.). We believe that there is a complementary opportunity to create new startups to revolutionise organisations. Accountability, decision acceleration, industrial symbiosis: organisational barriers are just waiting to be overcome.

The industry is waiting for just that, so let’s go for it!

Industrialists are ready to propel technology and commit their sector to a turning point. And industry is sexy!

Why should the best talents only go into finance or advertising? Let’s change the world and make the Industrial Revolution with committed talent happen!

OSS Venture Builders: a unique combination of talent from tech and industry.

Do you want to participate in the renewal of tech in the industry?

Do you want to open your factories to promising startups and experience digital in a different way?

Would you like to discover OSS startups? Check out Valomat, Kraaft, Fabriq, Mercateam, MyC, Oplit, Niagara, Caas on our website!

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