The OPEO team

OPEO is a team of 30 consultants who share a passion for industry and its human dimension.

Our ambition is to help industrial companies and their ecosystems become leaders in their markets and to promote a competitive, sustainable, human and resilient industry.

OPEO, a Great Place To Work®.


A Great Place To Work® is the benchmark for quality of life at work. The Best Workplaces label is obtained through a structuring methodology that evaluates the perception of a company from its employees’ point of view, as well as its HR and CSR practices. Through meeting certain metrics, it rewards companies that are considered good places to work.

At OPEO, we have built our culture on fundamental values and horizontal management, which encourages dialogue and continuous training. These efforts were recognised in 2019 by obtaining a Great Place To Work certification and second place in the 2020 prize list of companies with fewer than 50 employees

Our values.

The values we build as a team guide us on a daily basis to help our customers of all sizes be more efficient, collectively minded and innovative.


Grow and help grow.

Mutual aid

Move forward together.


Be open, be humble.


Think big, be
persistent, stay positive.


Go on the field, observe.


Strive for excellence
and continued improvement.


Transmission, mutual aid, curiosity, daring, proximity, excellence: are you game?

Team portraits.

Careers marked by a passion for the industry.

Sébastien Desbois

Project manager, graduate of Centrale Paris

Sébastien worked for 10 years in a public works company, where he quickly rose through the ranks, from method engineer to centre manager. Having joined OPEO as a consultant in 2017, Sébastien is now a project manager who knows how to reconcile high standards and humility and contributes fully to the warm and friendly atmosphere that reigns in the team.


‘I was seduced by the intellectual and political challenge that the OPEO adventure represents: to build together the future of our industries’. 

Antoine Toupin

Partner, graduate of Science Po Paris and Mines ParisTech

Antoine’s career path started with 10 years in the automotive sector, most notably in R&D. In 2015 he started over and became a consultant at OPEO, then project manager and finally partner in 2020. OPEO’s values of freedom for initiative and permanent problem solving led Antoine to choose consulting at OPEO. 


‘What I like about OPEO is the structuring and pooling of “capital knowledge”’.

Soizic Audouin

Project manager, graduate of Centrale Lille

Soizic joined OPEO as an end-of-study internship because of her interest in lean manufacturing, which she encountered during her courses. Enthusiastic about the missions entrusted to her and the wider operational themes she dealt with, Soizic decided to continue her journey at OPEO. 


‘At OPEO, I found exciting missions and room to carry out my commitments’.

Simon Ratival

Consultant, Agro ParisTech graduate

Simon joined OPEO in 2018, drawing on his experience as a project manager in a refinery and then production manager in the sugar industry.

He was attracted by the firm’s commitment to industry and its territorial positioning.

‘When I arrived at OPEO, I was impressed by the involvement of the partners within the teams and the goodwill of all’.

The management team.

OPEO was created in 2012 by three former industry managers, all of whom had worked for McKinsey & Company in France at some point. Since then, management at OPEO has been enriched with new talent from various industrial backgrounds, as well as partners from the team, who carry out our aim to renew industrial leadership in Europe.

At OPEO, we believe that industry is vital to a better-distributed, more mixed and positive economy. We are passionate about helping manufacturers of all sizes to be more efficient, collective and enthusiastic on a daily basis! Climate, supply chains, digital development, humans–the future of our industries remains to be built and much remains to be invented, which is exactly what drives us every day as a team

Grégory RICHA, Partner


Development manager



Senior Advisor


Grégory RICHA


Michael Valentin


Partner and founder


Frédéric SANDEI

Partner and founder



Partner and founder


Antoine TOUPIN