Our Offer for Industrial Businesses

Industry leaders and local managers: OPEO’s teams will energize your industrial transformation and open your path towards operational excellence.

Become a market leader.

We support industrial businesses and their ecosystems in becoming market leaders by increasing the agility of their organisations, the excellence of their operations and through digital hybridisation. 

Through the transformations we help our clients achieve, we promote a competitive, sustainable, human and resilient industry.


Switch to agility.

Industrial Strategy


Managing and Steering Performance

Impacts :
Horizontal organisation
Make or buy strategy
Steering system centered on company values


Towards excellence.

Supply Chain and Flow

Engineering and Projects

Production and Quality

Reducing Costs

Impacts :
Productivity increased by 20%
Waste reduced by 30%
Service rate increased by 30 points
Lead time of projects reduced by 20%


Innovate through tech.

Startup Leadership



Impacts :
New business model
Environmental diagnosis
Digitalisation of performance steering within five weeks

What sets us apart.

A field-oriented team and high-impact approaches

A team passionate about industry

Every member of our team has held operational positions in industry before joining us. We are committed to the rebound of the industrial sector and dedicate 10% of our time to developing innovative topics.

Operation excellence expertise

Our interventions have allowed us to develop our expertise in all key functions of industry, with a focus on problem solving and performance management.

Hybridising with digital processes

We have conducted several industrial and digital transformation programs. Our team is seasoned in No Code/Low Code, and we are partners with a digital startup studio.

Systemic approach

Our approach is based on a conviction: change is the result of a mix between a top-down approach based on strong leadership and a bottom-up approach that takes the expertise and factors of the field into account.

Managerial development and organisation design

Beyond the technical aspects, we pay particular attention to the management system (organisation, performance dialogue, field presence) and the coaching of managers, key factors for sustainability.

A focus on results

Transformation projects require involvement and questioning at all levels. We ensure that they are driven by an ambitious, quantified and structuring objective.

Our industrial clients’ testimonials.

A concrete impact on the transformation of industrial businesses.


'Operational excellence with OPEO: a profound culture shift for both operators and managers’.

Cauquil SAS

‘In our minds, OPEO is the only firm to speak three languages: that of operators, that of local managers and that of board members’.

Take it to the next level with OPEO.

Our teams support projects in all industrial sectors, with a client pool composed of 50% large groups and 50% SMEs and mid-caps.