OPEO Commits

OPEO is more than a company. It is an ongoing project that strives to regain industrial competitiveness. OPEO also highlights commitment and offers pro bono work

Supporting the emergence and deployment of a “Territorial corporate volunteering”.

Since 2018, OPEO has been a driving force behind an initiative aimed at whetting young professionals’ interest in working for industrial SMEs and mid-caps. 

This campaign led to the creation of territorial corporate volunteering, which enables young talents to occupy positions of high responsibility within industrial companies.

OPEO continues to support the development of this initiative with its stakeholders during industrial competitiveness meetings. 

Thanks to the territorial corporate volunteering, I was able to reach an empowering position as a right-hand man of the CEO

Victor Renaud, first VTE in France, Reprotechnique

The territorial corporate volunteering solves the fundamental problems of any SME: credibility and visibility.

Olivier Crus, Director, Reprotechnique

Encouraging women industrialists to join the industry.

OPEO is aware of the need to achieve more gender diversity in the industrial ecosystem and in consulting structures, so we proactively promote professional equality. 

The ‘Opération’Elles’ initiative launched by OPEO works for diversity through these measures: 

  • A proactive policy of sourcing female candidates in recruitment processes
  • The support of initiatives in favour of gender balance in industry in partnership with the Ruche Industrielle (Industrial Beehive) in Lyon
  • Encouragement of the team’s commitments, particularly in the “Elles bougent” program or through publications
Diversity within our teams is a key issue in OPEO’s development if we are to ensure its connection with companies and society

David Machenaud, partner, OPEO

We have revamped our recruitment process to identify and source a greater number of female candidates

Odile Ricour, development manager, OPEO

Working with “La Ruche Industrielle” in Lyon, France, to achieve a mixed industrial environment.

  • Facilitate discussions on gender diversity in the industrial world with industrialists, students, teachers and institutions.
  • Draft a manifesto advocating diversity in industry. 

Don’t miss our next events with the La Ruche industrielle by consulting the OPEO calendar.

Download the manifesto.

Supporting Handicap International in its operations transformation program.

  • Support Handicap International’s management: coaching, structuring the transformation approach to restoring autonomy to the field and supporting agility within the organisation.
  • Offer training workshops on operational excellence.
  • Provide managerial transformations within the teams at the Lyon head office.

Reuse factory: helping a green startup to frame its choice of business model and industrial approach.

  • Create a wood upcycling activity for the construction industry.
  • Design and facilitate workshops:
    • Framing the links between industrial and business models
    • Business canvas
    • Setting up governance

This project was carried out in partnership with the Fablab (www.woma.fr) and RE-STORE.

Health: combining industry and technology in the service of health.

MyC.doctor: supporting the deployment of a teleconsultation app to help contain COVID-19 in developing countries

  • Assist with the design of the app.
  • Coordinate the project launch.
  • Adapt to low-flow operability (Low Code tech).

Industrievscovid: a collaborative platform for industrialists, bringing together a variety of information and links to mobilise and organise themselves in the face of the COVID-19 crisis

  • Design support alongside OSS Venture builders.
  • Disseminate and promote the platform.

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