Drive your industrial rebound.

Are you experiencing cash flow problems?

Do you need agility and have questions about your market repositioning?

OPEO supports you in your rebound towards performance and resilience!

We accompany you in every step of your recovery.

Because your industrial rebound requires you to adapt your activity on several fronts in the short and medium term.

Start again

Organise the resumption of activity, drive demand and relaunch its supply and reinvent piloting by relying on digital technology.


Determine your new break-even point, adapt your strategy in the face of a volatile and uncertain market, switch to agile development, review your industrial footprint and optimise your costs.


Pilot in a short loop, iterate continuously with the client and enter the resilience factor in rebound scenarios.

How can you pilot your industrial rebound ?

Our strengths.

A firm dedicated to industrial change.

Specialists in the entire industrial fabric

from large groups to SMEs

A 100% operations DNA

Industry/plant of the future programs

in major French regions

Discover our webinars dedicated to post-crisis industrial rebound

How can you prepare for the new generation of industrial footprint ?

How can you reduce costs in a sustainable way ?

How can you develop your product offer in an agile way?

How can you unlock the full potential of digital to bounce back?

Let’s set a date!


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